“Monster and Dumpling” by Jung

  • ©Jihwan Jung  Academy of Art University



    Monster and Dumpling


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Academy of Art University


    There was an ugly and violent monster. Because he was ugly, everybody disliked him. One day, the monster came to the small town to get some food and found a small girl. The monster tried to eat her, but something happened to him and changed him.

Additional Contributors:

    Story: Jihwan Jung
    Art: Jihwan Jung
    Layout: Inho Beak
    Rigging: Inho Beak
    Animation: Inho Beak, Jihwan Jung
    Modeling: Yoongyeong Bae, Jongha Baik
    Texture: Han Yu, Jongha Baik
    Light: Han Yu, Justin Schubert, Yongsuk Shin, Jeremy Son
    Compositing: Han Yu, Justin Schubert, Yongsuk Shin, Jeremy Son
    Matte Painting: Yongsuk Shin
    Effects: Irving Zhang
    Sound: Ian Beeuwkes
    Music: Minho Dong
    Voice Actors: Jihwan Jung (Monster), Sandra Shiwell (Girl)
    Additional Artists: Sungho Lee, Jungyong Kim, Jaina Park
    Instructors: Bert Chung, Tom Bertino, Christ Armstrong

Animation / Video Overview: