“Microsoft Zune – Two Little Birds” by Motion Theory

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    Microsoft Zune - Two Little Birds

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  • Motion Theory


    A seemingly harmless interaction between two animated birds takes a twisted and fiery turn, as a small swift bird seems to light a large, dopey bird on fire. The hostile attack turns out to be a random act of sharing, and soon, both birds rock together to the tune of Ashtar Command’s “The Second Coming of the Monkey God.” Conceived by 72 & Sunny, the spot was created as a viral piece for the launch of the Microsoft Zune, highlighting the music player’s wireless file-shar-ing capability on www.comingzune.com. Motion Theory created birds that can say it all with just their eyes, and a world that mixes real and animated features.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: 72andSunny

    ECD/AD: Glenn Cole

    Copywriters: Jeff Mullen, Jason Norcross

    Producers: Sam Baerwald, Rebekah Mateu

    Production Company: Motion Theory

    Director: Motion Theory

    Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez

    Producer: James Taylor

    Art Directors: Mark Kudsi, Guilherme Marcondes

    Director of Animation: Nick Losq

    Lead Character Animator: Tom Bruno

    Designers/Animators: Mark Kulakoff, Ron Delizo, Tom Bruno, Grace Lee, Helen Choi, Jesse Franklin, Danny Zobrist, Omar Gattica, Joseph Jones, Ben Grangereau, Colleen Corcoran, Miwa Matreyek

    Track: Ashtar Command, “The Second Coming of the Monkey God”

Animation / Video Overview: