“Metamorphosis: Analysis and Illusions” by Computer Animation Laboratory Gmbh

  • ©  Computer Animation Laboratory Gmbh



    Metamorphosis: Analysis and Illusions

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Computer Animation Laboratory Gmbh

Additional Contributors:

    Photographic Engineer: Manfred Buttner

    Software/Hardware Engineer: Kostas Dangakis, Magnolis Sideris

    Production Manager: Saundra Edwards

    Animation Design: Felix Zimmermann, Gabriel Herscndorfer

    Design: Ute Popp-Bledermann

    Creative Director: Antonios Iliakis

    Illustrator/Technical Director: Susan Magnus

    Animator/Technical Director: Arthur McBain

    Designer/Technical Director: Kenneth Wesley

Additional Information:

    Tech Notes: Two VAX 11/780 host computers each with 4 megabytes of main memory; 3-D animation, E&S Multi Picture System Painting System, Images I Video recording. Sony 1* C format. BUH 2500; Up to 8000 line film recorder. 35 mm Cine. 4×5″ and 8×10″ slides. Dicomed D48 CR

Animation / Video Overview: