“Mesozoique Alternatif” by Laudrin, Boby, Metivier, Miguet, Sanrame, et al. …

  • ©Lucie Laudrin, Swann Boby, Marion Metivier, Lena Miguet, Sixtine Sanrame, and Marie Schaeffer  ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques)


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    Mesozoique Alternatif




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  • ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques)


    In the Mesozoic area, Rex and his dinosaur friends are going to be disturbed in their peaceful life by a tribe of annoying humans. A meteor shower will crash on the Earth. But dinosaurs are strong and humans will beg them to protect them. Rex will accept and save the humans. Dinosaurs and humans will evolve and coexist through the ages: antiquity, the Middle Ages and contemporary times. Are dinosaurs going to cope with the annoying and invasive behavior of humans?

Additional Contributors:

    Original Score: Jeffrey Brice
    Voices: Antoine Perrichon, Jose Vicente
    Sound Design & Mixing: Baptiste Leblanc, Tristan Le Bozec, Jose Vicente
    Mixing 5.1: Jose Vicent, Yoann Poncet

    Thanks To:
    Teachers: Isabelle Auphan, Lucas Boutrot, Charlotte Des Ligneris, Benjamin Deyries, Kate Ferry, Maxence Henry, Stephane Heurteau
    ESMA Staff: Karim Khenissi, Romy Sauvage, Elizabeth Angoston, Jeanne Bernard, Fanny Duhem, Laurence Ecomard, Jeremie Fruchet, Benoit Grosse-Luiggi, Coline Moire, Lea Morin, Gerard Raucoules, David You

    Rendering: Lisa Chataigner, Lilian Larignon, Elise Larvor, Jeremie Lebuffe, Anna Renauldron, Alexis Seuru
    Animation Rigging: Laurene Binet, Myriam Lecomte, Hugo Tabone
    FX: Tom Pinard

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