“Master of Ceremonies”

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    Master of Ceremonies


    An “interactive” intermission at the film and videos show this year will be hosted by MikeGribble. Mike and his partner “Spike” Decker, are founders of the Festival of Animation, a presentation of
    Academy-nominated award-winning animation from around the world. Now in its 10th year, the festival promotes every form of animation, from traditional cel to pin-screen, paper and clay. They have made a point of showing computer animation for several years.

    Mike feels that computer animation has reached a new plateau after years of what served mainly as rendering exercises and motion tests. “Computer graphics is exciting because it is so young and everyday there are new innovations. Every form of animation has its limitations. Computer graphics doesn’t have the organic qualities of hand-drawn animation. But Luxo, Jr. simply wouldn’t have worked as a clay film.

    Mike is something of a crusader for the field of animation. He says, “We’re always fighting the Saturday morning cartoon misconception that a lot of people have. There’s so much more to life than Gobots. We want audiences to share our appreciation for animation.”

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