“Mass Effect 2” by Wilson

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    Mass Effect 2




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  • Blur Studio


    Like many a brilliant mastermind, the Illusive Man sits quietly orchestrating the fate of the universe while soldiers fight the battle. This character-driven piece showcases the gritty combat skills of the game’s assassins and savages as they fight against the galactic invasion of an alien race bent on destroying humanity.

Additional Contributors:

    Production Company: Blur Studio, Inc.
    Director/CG Supervisor: Dave Wilson
    Animation Supervisor: Shaun Escayg
    Producer: Lindsey Zamplas
    Creative Director: Tim Miller
    Executive Producer: Al Shier
    FX Supervisor: Brandon Riza
    Lighting & Compositing Lead: Greg Kegel
    Layout: David Nibbelin
    Character Modeling Lead: Shaun Absher
    Character Modeling: Shaun Absher, Alessandro Baldasseroni, Chris Grim, Sze Jones, Alex Litchinko, Jason Martin, Ian Joyner
    Rigging: Steven Caron, Ben Durkin, Enoch Ihde, Michael Stieber, Brent Wiley
    Animation: Thomas Cannell, Shaun Escayg, Jeremiah “Izzy” Izzard, Nick Maw-Naing, William “Rocky” Vanoost, Nick Whitmire, Brian Whitmire
    Hair & Cloth Simulation: Becca Baldwin, Jon Jordan
    Environment & Prop Modeling: Toni Bratincevic, Darren Butler, Zack Cork, Marek Denko, Greg Kegel, Olivier Verney-Kim, Peter Sanitra
    Graphic Design: Colin James
    Lighting & Compositing: Leandro Amaral, Toni Bratincevic, Darren Butler, Marek Denko, Kris Kaufman, Greg Kegel, Olivier Verney-Kim, Peter Sanitra
    FX: John Kosnik, Johanes Kurnia, Kevin Kim, Jan Major, Torbjorn Olsson, Brian Prince, Brandon Riza, Brandon Young
    Mocap Prep & Clean-Up: Ryan Girard, Anthony Romero
    Layout TD: Brian McKee
    Technical & QC Supervisors: Shaun Absher, Steven Caron, Zack Cork, Ben Durkin, Sze Jones, Bryan Hillestad
    Storyboard Artist: Chuck Wojtkiewicz
    Concept Design: John Park, Sean McNally, Bruno Werneck, Chuck Wojtkiewicz
    Matte Painters: Jaime Jasso, John Wallin Liberto
    Tools & Scripts: Karl “Krash” Goldshmidt, Eric Hulser, Jentzen Mooney, Tomas Pulmano
    Programming & Systems Administration: Duane Powell, Jeremy Donahue, Paul Huang, Matt Newell, Abe Shelton
    Mocap Talent: Steve Gibbons, Christopher Hicks, Derron Ross, Billy Bussey, Craig Dabbs

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