“Marienkirche” by Rousku

  • ©Erkki Rousku  Helsinki University of Technology


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  • Helsinki University of Technology


    This film demonstrates architectural design of a concert hall by visual and aural simulation. The beginning shows the current state of the Marienkirche building and demonstrates the computer model of its redesigned interior. Simultaneously, unechoic “dry” piano music is heard. As we enter the concert hall, we hear the music rendered according to the real hall acoustics. The simulated soundscape changes according to direction and distance of the grand piano and the position of the camera.

    Marienkirche, located in Neubrandenburg, Germany is a 13th-century Gothic cathedral that was ruined at the end of World War II. Currently, it is being rebuilt as a concert hall. The first concerts will be presented in 2000.

Additional Contributors:

    Computer Model and Visualization: Erkki Rousku, Cadvance
    Sound Rendering: Tapio Lokki, Lauri Savioja, Jyri Huopaniemi, Riitta Väänänen, Ville Pulkki, Helsinki University of Technology
    Architectural Design: Pekka Salminen Architects

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