“Mainstay Mutual Funds’ Up… Down… Up…” by Hays

  • ©John Hays


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Mainstay Mutual Funds’ Up... Down... Up...


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Little Fluffy Clouds LLC


    Utilizing an elegant black and white wood-cut style, “Up… Down… Up…”, combines traditional cel animation with new and unique techniques in 3D digital animation to create the overall “woodcut” 2D effect. More than 20 texture maps were hand drawn and applied to the 3DCG sea-serpent to give it just the right traditional effect. There are 17 texture maps applied to the head alone.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Betsy De Fries
    Technique: Combined Traditional Cel and Digital Animation
    Production: Wild Brain, Inc.
    Executive Producer: Paul Golden
    Production Manager: Leslie Arvio
    Assistant Production Manager: Marc Galvan
    Animators: J.T. O’Neal, Ralph Fernan
    Assistants: Chris Carter, Lance Hughes, Dick Hill, Joe Sloan, Anna Blomfield, Amanda Tsoukanelis
    Digital Animation: Little Fluffy Clouds
    Animation Director: Jerry van de Beek
    CG Producer: Betsy de Fries
    Digital Compositing: Jerry van de Beek
    Digital Ink & Paint: Keun Hicks
    Sound Design/Music: Michael Boyd Music

Animation / Video Overview: