“Lune et le Loup” by Delage and Leroux

  • ©Patrick Delage and Clélia Leroux



    Lune et le Loup


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Dwarf Animation Studio


    Life is quite curious, said Jacques Prévert, for those who are watching between midnight and three; it’s here we find Charloup, threadbare from a lifetime of cuddly toy service to generations of kids, pulling himself together one more time to look after the irresistibly cute little Lune.

Additional Contributors:

    Director of Photography: Olivier Pinol
    Music: Matthieu Langlet, Antonio Egea
    Editor: Anna Riche
    Storyboard: David Berthier
    Character Sculptor: Fredus Alves-Cunha
    Design: Patrick Delage, Jerome Charton
    Color Scripts: Claude Pelet
    Textures: Maximilien Legros-Auroy, Benedicte Aldeguerre, Gary Heteau
    Surfacing: Joachim Guerin, Gary Heteau
    Character Set Up: Damien Gautron

    Animation: Jerome Charton, Benjamin Weislo, Patrick Delage
    Animation Support: Guillaume Copin, Jean-Yves Audouard
    Layout: Damien Thomassin, Jocelyn Casanova
    VFX: Yves Schuler
    Lighting & Comp: Joachim Guerin, Mathieu Meynard, Gary Heteau, Arnaud Boudon, Gaetan Baldy
    Production Engineer: Belisaire Earl
    Principal Engineer “Lumiere”: Cedric Paille
    Technical Crew: Yann Vote, Jeremy Clement, Michael Delaporte
    Production at Dwarf Animation Studio: Susie Wilson, Cecile Merat
    Dwarf Animation Studio Management: Jeremy Certoux, Philippe Riviere, Jean-Luc Boixel, Olivier Pinol
    Lune Voice: Tess, Marjane, and Nell
    Double Bass: Ivan Rechard
    Music: Lune’s Mobile “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy
    Sound Recording: Matthieu Langlet
    Sound Effects: Julien Chirouze
    Sound Edit: Alexandre Hernandez
    Sound Mixing: Melissa Petitjean
    Co-produced by: Dwarf Animation Studio and LELL Animation

Animation / Video Overview: