“Love in The Time Of Advertising” by Bokser

  • ©David Bokser



    Love in The Time Of Advertising



    An animated musical love story about a young man who lives inside a billboard, where he updates the advertisements. When he falls in love with a beautiful lady living across the highway, he has to use the only method he knows to get his message across: advertising.

Additional Contributors:

    Created By Matt Berenty, David Bokser
    Producer: Kevin Shapiro, Matt Berenty, David Bokser
    Production Coordinators: Kelly Shay, Krissy Estrada
    Music Composition: Hunter Curra
    Sound FX Editing: Hunter Curra
    Narrator/Voice of Henry: Hunter Curra
    Voice of Sally: Jillinda Palmer
    Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Jesmer
    Post Production Audio Services: Margarita Mix Hollywood
    Character Design: Britt Spencer
    Concept Art: Ram Bhat, Su Jung, Mary Poplin
    Additional Concept Art by: David Boudreau, Kacey Schwartz
    Matte Paintings: Ram Bhat
    Storyboards: Sue Bielenberg
    Billboard Design: Joanna Davidovich, Jiyun Ha, Jacqueline Jocson, Jaime Leake, Britt Spencer
    Credit Design: Jamie Leake
    Animation Supervisor: David Bokser
    Layout: David Bokser, Josh Burton, Lindsey Butterworth
    Animation: David Bokser, Josh Burton, Christine Phelan, Adam Lawthers, Nick Dubois
    Additional Animation: Maeve Curran, Aradhana Modi, Lindsey Butterworth, Yvain Gnabro, Adam Chaput, Heather Shrewsbury
    Effects Animation: Kiel Gnebba, David Glicksmann, David Bokser
    Scene Setup: Joe Grossmann, David Bokser
    Technical Director: David Bokser
    Cloth and Hair Simulation: David Bokser, James Marcus, Tyler Lancaster
    CG Supervisor: Matt Berenty
    Modeling: Matt Berenty, Joe Grossmann, Wendy Klein, Mike DuPree, David Alston, Nesi Papoushado, Richard Daniels
    Additional Modeling: Paul Lohman, Martin Knapp, Polet Harutnian
    Shading and Texture: Matt Berenty, Wendy Klein, Richard Daniels, Phina Kahng
    Lighting: Matt Berenty, Katie Yoon, Joe Grossmann, Richard Daniels, Phina Kahng, Wendy Klein, Hao Cui
    Compositing: Travis Button
    Editing: David Bokser
    Special Thanks: Mom & Dad, Maeve Curran, John Doublestein, Chad Howitt, Tracy James

Animation / Video Overview: