“L’Odyssée de la Vie” by Mac Guff Line

  • ©Nils Tavernier


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    L’Odyssée de la Vie


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  • Mac Guff Ligne


    The adventure of life, from conception to birth, from the very beginning when two cells meet until the final transformation in a baby, all in utero. The scenes before the birth are done in full 3D. This brief segment is an excerpt from a 90-minute movie.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Nils Tavernier

    Production: France 2, Transparences Productions, 17 Juin Media

    VFX Supervisors: Philippe Sonrier, Vincent Wauters

    VFX Producer: Laleh Sahrai

    Modeling: Xavier Duval, Benoit Vincent

    Animation: Pascal Anquetil, Herve Pigeon, Bartelemy Boirot

    Lead Lighting: Nicolas Brack

    Shading & Rendering: Max Touret, Emmanuel Prevot

    Compositing: Philippe Sonrier, Vincent Wauters

    Music: Caroline Petit