“Locomotion” by Baker

  • ©Howard E. Baker  Pacific Data Images (PDI)


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  • Pacific Data Images (PDI)


    Can a classic children’s fable survive in today’s world of flashy computer graphics? We think it can. We think it can. We think it can.


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics Personal Iris and
    4D/GTX, MIPS M-120, Raster Tech 1/25 framebuffer


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: PDI in house proprietary software

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Steve Goldberg, Pacific Data Images
    Produced and Directed by: Steve Goldberg
    Animation Director: Howard E. Baker
    Story: Henry F. Anderson III, Steve Goldberg, Howard E. Baker, Jim Ward, Tim Johnson, Nick Ilyin, Joe Palrang, Bill Foss
    Backgrounds: Nick Ilyin
    Animation: Steve Goldberg, Howard E. Baker, Tim Johnson, Karen Schneider, Nick llyin, Roger L. Gould, Carlos Arguello, Michael Collery Music and Sound Effects: Christopher L. Stone
    Locomotion Software: Graham Walters
    Special Effects: Susan McVey, Rex Grignon, Carlos Arguello
    Software: Thad Beier, John Gross, Michelle Tsui, Richard Chuang
    Modeling: Nick Ilyin, Steve Goldberg, Tim Johnson, Karen Schneider, Ray Giaratanna, Rex Grignon, Theresa Ellis, Michael Collery
    Digitizing: Jane DeKoven, James Ward, Andi Cho
    Production Manager: Patty Wooton
    Loads O’ Thanks To: Carl Rosendahl, Glenn Entis, Nancy St. John, Mark Goldberg, James Dixon, Dick Walsh, Larry Lessler, Mary Keenan, Shae McClory, Debbie Gaeta, Mark Sorensen, Richard Raynis, Terry Emmons, Lucy Torres

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