“Links Corporation Demo Reel for SIGGRAPH ’88” by Odaka

  • ©Kinji Odaka  LINKS Corporation and IMAGICA GROUP


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Links Corporation Demo Reel for SIGGRAPH '88


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • LINKS Corporation


    Links Corporation is a new computer graphics production group born from Toyo Links in April of ’88. We have both a polygon-based rendering system and a raytracing system in use for production.This is our unique feature. The Tokyo G as sequence was developed into the three-dimensional computer graphics world based on Folon’s water-color painting, according to his concept and image. It was very hard to express the nuance of paper and the blur of water-color, and took 60 minutes per 1 frame for the rendering using a VAX-780. We chose the ScanLine system for the texture mapping of all those series and the meta-ball of the Ray Tracing system for the expressing of the three in a volume “district cooling and heating system”, sesa rendering. It is the useful way to model the untypical object by meta-ball. On our staff we have five producers and 16 designers. We have a technical staff of nine and a production staff of six. Our equipment is: 5 LINKS-1 systems with our original CG multiprocessor; 5SUN4/280’s used as rendering stations; 5 NEWS-831 used as design stations; 2 IRIS 4D/70’s, an IRIS3020 and IMI-500 for animation ; 3 SONYBVH – 2000 VTR s’ and an ESS-Il digital still store.

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