“Life in the Fast Lane” (and The Making of)” by Curious Pictures

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    Life in the Fast Lane” (and The Making of)




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Curious Pictures


    Curious Pictures and director Noble Jones produced a :60 and a :30 TV spot titled “Life in the Fast Lane.” The goal was to make it feel like a real chair was actually driving the actor home through rush-hour traffic. Performance and dynamic live-action sequences took precedence over green-screen fakes and digital effects, and the director was allowed to shoot his vision in camera. There was no motion control, no locked off cameras, just fluidity. This decision did not come lightly, since it required strapping an actor to a variety of rigs, including a go-cart chair and a motorcycle, moving along a highway at 50 mph. The spot was entirely pre-visualized in CG before location shooting in Toronto. After the shoot, the production required copious rig removal, set extensions, and partial and full digi-tal doubles. One of the hardest invisible effects was warming the actor after each take in below-freezing temperatures on the highway.


    Maya, Boujou, HDR Shop 2, After Effects, Commotion, Final Cut Pro

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Noble Jones

    Producers: Amelie Bruun, Michael Hogan


    DP Director: Noble Jones

    Production/NickTV: Kevin Hartman

    Producer/NickTV: Alissa Tomson

    Producer/Post & Effects: Michael Hogan

    Canadian Producer: Amelie Bruun

    VFX Supervisor: Lewis Kofsky

    2D & Compositing Artists: Michael DeBeer, Nitant Karnik, Kyle McCulloch, Nicole Samarron, Anthony Santoro, Maria Rapetskya, Matt Reslier, Bee Jinn Tan, Scott Winston

    3D Artists: Joao Amorim, Joseph Cross, Frank Grecco, Ryan O’Phelan, Matt Reslier, Julio Soto, Chimin Yang

    Technical Support: Jen Glabus, Bryan Shelton

    Composer: Dave Baron

    Sound Design/Mix: Laki Fotopolus

    Avid Editor: Graham Brennan

    “Making Of” Sound Track: Flower Records, “Song Of Bebe” by Sunaga T

Animation / Video Overview: