“L. A.- The Movie” by Hussey, Mortensen and Hall

  • ©Kevin J. Hussey, Bob Mortensen, and Jeff Hall  Jet Propulsion Laboratory



    L. A.- The Movie


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory


    This computer-generated frame illustrates techniques used by JPL imaging scientists to create “L.A.: The Movie;• a two­ minute film taking viewers on an aerial ride over a three­ dimensional Southern California landscape. Beginning with a single, two-dimensional LANDSAT satellite photo of the Los Angeles area and existing elevation data, image processors used a special computer algorithm to generate 3,336 film frames similar to this view. Vertical scale was exaggerated by a factor of two, so mountains appear twice as tall as they would in reality. Animation techniques develo.ped during the proof-of-concept project will be used by scientists to study the three-dimensional nature of global cloud cover. The research is funded by NASA’s Office of Space Science and Application.

Additional Contributors:

    VIDEO PRODUCTION: Digital Image Animation Laboratory (DIAL/JPL)
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Original (3-D) algorithm; M. Kobrick
    MIPL OPERATIONS: R. Bambery, S. Fullner, T. Greer, W. Stromberg
    TECHNICAL SUPPORT: W. Tuk, J. DiStefano

Additional Information:

    1″ NTSC Video

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