“Katy Perry “Firework” Music Video” by Meyers

  • ©Dave Meyers



    Katy Perry “Firework” Music Video


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Radical Entertainment Ltd.


    Katy Perry inspires hope in a few individuals who are in the crux of troubling situations. In the video, she reminds them that everyone has a “fire” inside; it just needs to be ignited.

    Several vignettes explore insecurities that prevent people from being their true selves. Vignettes include a cancer-stricken young girl who idolizes pop stars, a young magician embarrassed by his talent, and a teenage girl self-conscious about her body at a pool party.

Additional Contributors:

    Head of Production: Derek Roberto
    Executive Producer: Jennifer Heath
    Line Producer: Robert Bray
    Editor: Chris Davis
    VFX Company: Radium/Reel FX
    Executive Creative Director: Dale Carman
    Executive Producer: Dan Bryant
    Producer: Leigh Mergehenn
    Bidding Producer: Linda A. Jackson
    Production Manager: Ellyn Golub
    Production Coordinators: Derek Johnson, Leah Garner
    Production Assistant: Meghan Cole
    VFX Supervisor: Kevin Althans
    VFX Artists: Brenda Vaughan, Bryan Bayley, Jared Brower, Joe Censoplano, Laychin Lee, Mike Roy
    Online Assistants: Ahren Shaw, John McStravick, Quan Tran
    CG Supervisor: Mark Thielen
    CG Artists: Mike Wallace, Randall Smith, Scott McCullough, Seth Olson
    3D Effects Supervisor: Walter Behrnes
    3D Effects Artists: Anthony Chappina, Jake Rusch, Matthew Bennett, Nick Ilyin
    Lighting Supervisor: Chris Browne
    Lighters: Connon Carey, Doug Hogan, Jessica Hogan, Julie Terrell, Michael Zollinger, Sungman Pyun
    Compositor: John Rogalski
    Motion Designer: James Tobias
    2D Artist: Kyle McCauley

Animation / Video Overview: