““Jurassic Park” Visual Effects” by Industrial Light & Magic

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    “Jurassic Park” Visual Effects

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  • Industrial Light & Magic


    Excerpts from the motion picture “Jurassic Park” illustrating the full-motion, computer-generated dinosaurs and visual effects created by Industrial Light & Magic.


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics Power, Indigo and Personal Iris
    series workstations, ILM Proprietary film
    scanner. Management Graphics solitaire film


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Softimage animation software, Alias modelling
    software, Pixar Renderman rendering
    software. Parallax painting software, and ILM
    Proprietary animation, modelling, rendering,
    and compositing software

Additional Contributors:

    Industrial Light and Magic
    Senior Visual Effects Supervisor: Dennis Muren, A.S.C.
    Co-Visual Effects Supervisor: Mark A.Z. Dippc
    Visual Effects Producer: Janet Healy
    Lead Computer Graphics Supervisor: Stefen M. Fangmeier
    Computer Graphics Supervisors: Alex Seiden, George Murphy
    ILM General Manager: Jim Morris
    Computer Graphics Animators: Eric Armstrong, Steve Spaz Williams, Steve Price, James Satoru Straus, Geoff Campbell, Don Waller
    Computer Graphics Artists: Jean M. Cunningham, Carl N. Frederick, Thomas L. Hutchinson, Joe Letteri, Jeffrey B. Light, James D. Mitchell, Joseph Pasquale, Ellen Poon, Stephen Rosenbaum, John Schlag, Ten Truong, Wade Howie
    Executive in Charge of Production: Patricia Blau
    Supervisor of Software and Digital Technology: Thomas A. Williams
    Computer Graphics Software Developers: Michael J. Natkin, Zoran Kacic-Alesic, Brian Knep, Eric Enderton, John Horn, Paul Ashdown
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Judith Weaver
    Visual Effects Art Director: TyRuben Ellingson
    Visual Effects Editor: Michael Gleason
    Scanning Supervisor: Joshua Pines
    Optical Supervisor: John Ellis
    Plate Photography Camera Assistant: Patrick McArdle
    ILM Plate Producer: Mark Miller
    DigitalArtists: Carolyn Ensle Rendu, David Carson, Sandy Houston, Barbara Brennan, Lisa Drostova, Bart Giovannetti, Rita E. Zimmerman, Kathleen Beeler, Greg Maloney
    Computer Graphics Camera Matchmoves: Patrick T. Myers, Charlie Clavadetscher
    Computer Graphics TechnicalAssistants: Steve Molin, Joel Aron, Edwin Dunkley, Michael Conte, Curt I. Miyashiro, Patrick Neary
    Scanning Operators: Randall K. Bean, George Gambetta, Mike Ellis
    Computer Graphics System Support: Ken Beyer, Linda J. Siegel, Jay Lenci
    Video Engineers: Fred Meyers, Gary Meyer
    Computer Graphics Coordinators: Ginger Theisen, Nancy Jill Luckoff
    CG Department Production Manager: Gail Currey
    CG Department Operations Manager: John Andrew Berton, Jr; Senior CG Department
    Manager: Douglas Scott Kay
    Visual Effects Camera Operators: Pat Turner, Terry Chostner
    Additional Plate Photography: Scott Farrar
    Camera Assistants: Robert Hill, Jeff Greeley
    Matte Artists: Christopher Evans, Yusei Uesugi
    Assistant Editor: Roberto McGrath
    Negative Cutter: Louis Rivera
    Projectionist: Timothy A. Greenwood
    Editorial Coordinator: David Tanaka
    Chief Model Makers: Barbara Affonso, Steve Gawley, Christopher Reed, Lorne Peterson, Ira Keeler
    Stage Technicians: Pat Fitzsimmons, Robert Finley, Jr., Timothy Morgan, William Barr
    Optical Camera Operators: Keith L. Johnson, James C. Lim
    Optical Line-up: John D. Whisnant, Kristen Trattner
    Optical Lab Technician: Tm Geideman
    Optical and Scanning Coordinator: Lisa Vaughn
    Camera Engineers: Duncan Sutherland, Mike Bolles
    Production Accountant: Pamela Kaye
    Courier Coordinator: Jerry Simonsen
    Production Assistant:: Tina Matthics
    Copyright: 1993 Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment Production

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