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    The music video “Jump” features the pop group Ben*Jammin as they learn some spectacular jumping skills, accidentally filmed by a handheld camera.

    The unusual production workflow of this music video is based on the power of improvisation. This became possible using a “camera mapping” workflow to rebuild the modified parts of the real footage. 3D professional and director Till Nowak sees improvisation as one key aspect of his work, so even for this heavily CG extended video there was no shot planning, no tracking markers, no blue screens, or any other preparations for the CG shots. During the video shooting, the focus was just on the spontanity of the moment. Later, the CG shots were selected from a large amount of raw footage, and the 3D models were created to match still images of the footage with camera mapping. The efficiency, spontaneity, and power in the use of this underestimated workflow has been the central topic of Till Nowak’s work for many years.


    3ds Max 2008, Syntheyes, After Effects CS3, Photoshop

Additional Contributors:

    Director & Producer: Till Nowak

    Urban Guru: Roland Schupp

    Band: Ben*Jammin

    Story & Concept: Till Nowak

    Director of Photography: Ivan RoblesMendoza

    Second-Unit Camera: Michael Kuhlmann

    CGI/Visual Effects: Till Nowak

    Styling & Make-up: Johanna Weirich

    Song Composed by: Daniel Agema, Michael Geldreich, Benjamin Hansen, Marc Jullien, David Kirchner, Florian Schlechtriemen

    Produced by: Wolgang Stach

    Special Thanks: Saika Tumpach, Arend Krause, Can Azizoglu, EMI Daniel Standke, EMI Siebeth, Alexander Metzler, Kessler Kommunikation, Henning Gross

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