“Jona/Tomberry” by Rocketta Film

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    Borges meets Murnau in a spinning nightmare. And the baby sings: “No, do not be scared, old bird, to awake and see I am dreaming you.”

    The use of techniques is always as adventurous as the writing. In this case, we developed an elaborate method of 3D rotoscoping to match the character’s faces with live-action torsos. The backgrounds are a combination of 2D and 3D artwork.

    “Jona/Tomberry” is a film about mirrors and their infinitive meanings. In an awkward way, the film is a selfportrait of Rosto, inside and out-side, since the lead characters are his alter egos. But the film is also a mirror to the audience’s subconcious. The film is based on and features music as a main ingredient. It could be interepreted as “visual music.” The soundtrack was just as elaborate as the visuals. Mixing expressionist and impressionist approaches, creating oppo-site worlds using traditional tools as well as digital means.

    “Jona/Tomberry” is about the conflict of different worlds and realities, but as a film, it blends different techniques, approaches, and narra-tive elements into an innovative marriage. The making of “Jona/Tomberry” is part of the film’s extensive web site: www.jonatomberry.com

    “Jona/Tomberry,” “Beheaded,” and “Anglobility Feverson” conclude a trilogy of “Mind My Gap” shorts: www.rostoad.com


    Apple Macintosh (G5 2.5 Ghz Dual)


    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D

Additional Contributors:

    Director, Writer, Composer: Rosto

    Producer: Rocketta Film


    Rosto – Studio Rosto A.D.

    Erik Schut – Rocketta Film

    Hanne Dit – Studio Rosto A.D

    Animation by: Studio Rosto A.D., Rosto, Martin Paasschens, Christen Bach, Roloff de Jeu

    Additional Animation, Modeling, Matchmoving and Artwork: Naam Happyship, Bunk Timmer, Maurice Hikkendörf, Daan Warmenhoven, Hanne Dit, Jeroen Murré

    Sound Design: Tom Hambleton

    Live Action Director of Photography: Stephen Schmidt

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