“Jetsons: The Movie” by deGraf/Wahrman

  • ©  deGraf/Wahrman



    Jetsons: The Movie

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • deGraf/Wahrman


    HARDWARE: Symbolics 36XX series, IRIS 4D70GT


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Symbolics S-Products, Perform Software by
    deGraf/Wahrman, Inc.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: deGraf/Wahrman for Hanna-Barbera for Universal Pictures
    CG! Effects Supervision: Brad deGraf and Michael Wahrman
    CG! Producer: Michelle Porter, Anne M. Adams
    Production Manager: Craig Newman
    Coordination for Hanna-Barbera: Jerry Mills
    Credits for Backgrounds-Head Technical Director: Jim Hillin
    Technical Directors: Phil Zucco, Brad deGraf
    Additional Technical Direction: Larry Malone, Ken Brain, Liza Keith, Jay Sloat
    Credits for Titles-CG! Direction: Brian Jennings
    CG! Producer: Anne M. Adams
    Design: Dale Hergstad
    Additional Art Direction: Allen Battino
    Technical Directors: Phil Zucco, Brad deGraf, Wendy Elwell, Jay Sloat, Larry Malone

Animation / Video Overview: