“Interactive Learning and Teaching Environment” by University of Wuppertal

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SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Interactive Learning and Teaching Environment

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • University of Wuppertal


    Using high-end animation, this piece presents an interactive learning and teaching environment. The animation focuses on an emergency situation making necessary the rapid identification of knowledge resources and the deployment of sophisticated simulation processes before the actual repair of a pipeline disrupted by an earthquake can take place.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Stefan Lehmann/Thomas Overberg
    Animation carried through within the research project SOPHIA-Digital
    Dissemination of Knowledge in the program in Computational Design, University of Wuppertal.
    Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Mihai Nadin
    Audio/Visual Media Center: Wilfried Wilken, Uli Christmann
    Hardline Music Wuppertal: Thomas and Chris
    Technical Assistance: Thomas Goecke, Stefan Maehler

Animation / Video Overview: