“Inheritor” by Potranun

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  • Rangsit University


    Summary: “Only the stronger will survive”, this short sentence is undeniable truth. Nowadays, when the world’s population is progressively increasing, and it is leading us to intensive competition. Undoubtedly, competition is melting into our normal live like a melting pot. For example, school entrance examination, university entrance examination or seeking for a job. From all these, parents need a very high expectation from their children, and this will put a lot of pressure on them as well. To be a survivor, family members will be focusing only on the competition, but they do not pay attention to the feeling and imagination of their children With awareness of giving love without understanding becomes our inspiration to make the 3D animated short film project “Inheritor”, the story of a boy with a warm family which is filled with love and care. On the other hand, because of over expectation from family, it makes him frustrate, unhappy and lost himself. In conclusion, we hopefully that our 3D animated short film project “Inheritor” is able to make the audience realize those problem. And, trying to decrease problem that leads to disregard and family conflict for the next generation so on.

    Producer: Chinatip Tangsiripat
    Contributor(s): Watcharapol Panyapitakkul, Panan Mahasasinunt, Napatsorn Potranun, Chinatip Tangsiripat

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