“INA SIGGRAPH ’85 Demo Reel” by INA Recherche et Prospective

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    INA SIGGRAPH '85 Demo Reel

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • INA Recherche et Prospective


    First commercial and research contributions produced at INA for film and television. Sequences: crocodile ballet and summer on channel one for TF 1, slow down butterfly for A2, birthday cake for “Le fautevil de cuis” movie, wink for INA.

    “C software developed by INA, Perkin Elmer
    3210, 512x512Vicom frame buffer, SM90.
    INA computer graphics group are J. C. Hourcade, A. Nicolas, D. Borenstein, E. Beeker and B. Tezenas.
    Sound: Emulator II”

Additional Contributors:

    Creators: Pierre Clement, Robert Achoury, Magali Cerda, Bob Lawry and Piotr Kamfer.

Animation / Video Overview: