“Imagination” by Iwamoto

  • ©Tsutomu Iwamoto






    In dreams, anything can happen… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make Any one of your dreams come true! You must open your mind wide when you dream. If you believe in the power of dreams, You can reach for the stars. For centuries, the starlit sky has been a home For all sorts of mysterious creatures. This is also the power of dreams. You should try to treasure whatever Your imagination conjures up in your dreams. Each thought has a special meaning. Science has given us so much Because people dreamed whatever they wanted, And then turned their dreams into reality. Even if someday we live on another planet, We would still long to see dandelions blooming, And the ocean glittering in the morning sun. Rabbits, wind, apples and snowflakes all have dreams. If we all dream for peace and happiness For all things on earth, Our dreams will surely come true! The original film format is 70mm, 8 perforations per frame (JAPAX projection system). Images were rendered at 1400 × 1008 resolution.


    HARDWARE: LINKS-1 system, SUN-4, Silicon
    Graphics Iris 4D


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: TRACY (original software which integrates raytracing and scanline algorithm)

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Mitsubishi Joint Committee
    Exotic Showcase ’89, Dentsu Inc., Links Corp.
    Credits: Client: Mitsubishi
    Planning: Dentsu Incorporated
    Producer and Script: Madoka Katoh
    Assistant Producers: Jun Ueno, Shinji Imamura
    Assistant Director: Motoi Hiraiwa
    CG Production: Links Corporation
    CG Supervisor: Fumio Nagase
    CG Producer: Masao Ose
    CG Assistant Producer: Shuji Asano
    Production Manager: Hideaki Noguchi
    CG Creators: Hiroyuki Hayasi, Hideki Nakano, Yuji Hamajima
    Assistant Creators: Shoko Kitamura, Midori Nagai, Jun Watanabe
    Technical Manager: Tamotu Machida
    Technical Directors: Takahiro Yamamoto, Koutaro Abe, Jiro Simanuki, Yoshihisa Hirano
    Software Developers: Hiroshi Yoshimura, Toshio Tsukada, Nobuhiro Tanaka
    System Engineers: Atsushi Shiokawa, Katunori Kunie
    Film Engineer: Yutaka Kawamura
    CG Director: Masaaki Taira
    System Support: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Mitutoyo Corporation
    Film Recording: Kodak Imagica K.K
    Film Processing and Production Assistance: Imagica Corporation
    Production Assistance or Collaboration with: Cap Co. Ltd., Animation Staf Room Inc.
    Character Designers: Shingo Ozaki, Nobuyoshi Matsui
    CopyWriter: Seiko Itou
    Narrator: Eiji Okada
    Music Production: Supermuzak Corporation
    Music Producer: Rie Saito
    Music Director: Nobuyuki Takahashi
    Composition: Yoshihiro Kunimoto
    Sound Effects: Sound Craft Inc.

Animation / Video Overview: