“Ikea, “T-Shirts”” by Wilson

  • ©Dougal Wilson  Moving Picture Company



    Ikea, “T-Shirts”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Moving Picture Company


    The idea was to get a range of emotional performances out of inanimate objects that have no consistency or form, and at the same time make them look realistic. In addition to animation, cloth-simulation techniques were used to get the hugely detailed interactions between the t-shirts and the environments.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: Mother
    Production Company: Blink
    Production Company Producer: Ewen Brown
    Agency Producer: Mother
    Creatives: Mother
    Editor: Joe Guest, Final Cut
    Director of Photography: Lasse Frank
    VFX: Moving Picture Company
    EP/VFX Producer: Julie Evans
    VFX Supervisor 3D: Diarmid Harrison Murray
    VFX Supervisor 2D/Shoot Supervisor: Tom Harding
    Lead Animator: Tim Van Hussen
    Lead Lighter: Fabian Frank
    VFX Team: Alessandro Granella, Aton Lerin, David Bryan, Emeric Larochette, Gisli Darri Halldorsson, Jon Park, Kiril Mirkov, Leanne Goymer, Marta Ampudia, Martin Blunden, Pauline Costantini, Simon Taylor, Steve Oakley, Thanos Topouzis, Andrew Roberts, Rod Norman, Alexander Kulikov, Emma White, Fabrizio Ghiso, Mike Cosgrave, Priya Bandodkar, Amresh Kumar, K. Gandhiraj, Monalisa Xess, Shaikh Abdul Adil, Shalwin Shaiju
    Grade: Moving Picture Company
    Colorist: Jean-Clément Soret
    Puppeteers: Jonny Sabbagh, Will Harper
    Sound Design: 750mph

Animation / Video Overview: