“HP “Constant Change” (and The Making of)” by Digital Domain, Inc.

  • ©David Fincher

  • ©David Fincher

  • ©David Fincher

  • ©David Fincher

  • ©David Fincher



    HP “Constant Change” (and The Making of)





    Hewlett Packard’s “Change” campaign has been one of the best advertising campaigns in recent years. Digital Domain had the opportunity to work with David Fincher to create an interesting spin on HP’s ability to adapt and change to the business environment. In this highly visual commercial, a man walks from his office to the elevator in surroundings that change every 3-5 frames. Office furni-ture changes, people change, the lighting changes, and even the clothes he is wearing change. This spot was shot completely on green screen, and 95 percent of the office furniture and the man’s clothing were added in CG. “Constant Change” was an extremely complicated concept that required a lot of patience and imagination.


    SGI and PC-based workstations


    Nuke, Custom tools with Lightwave, Maya, Track, and other Digital Domain proprietary software

Additional Contributors:

    Director: David Fincher, Digital Domain

    Executive Producer: Ed Ulbrich


    VFX Supervisor: Eric Barba

    H.O.P./VFX Producer: Michael Pardee

    Digitographer: John Allardice

    CG Supervisor: Jay Barton

    Animation Supervisor: Walt Hyneman

    Lead Compositor: Patrick Ferguson