“How To Train Your Dragon 2” by DeBlois

  • ©Dean DeBlois  DreamWorks Animation



    How To Train Your Dragon 2


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • DreamWorks Animation


    DreamWorks Animation’s “How To Train Your Dragon 2” utilizes new animation, lighting, and effects technology to deliver the aging of the characters, the matured tone, the heightened stakes, and the more sophisticated design of the world.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Bonnie Arnold
    Co-Producer: Kendra Haaland
    Associate Producer: Aaron Dem
    Production Manager: Rebecca Huntley
    Production Designer: Pierre-Olivier Vincent
    Art Director: Zhaoping Wei
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Dave Walvoord
    Digital Supervisor, Environments: Mike Necci
    Head of Layout: Gil Zimmerman
    Editor: John Carr
    Head of Character Animation: Simon Otto
    Head of Lighting: Pablo Valle
    Character Technical Direction Supervisor: Kevin Ochs
    Modelling Supervisor: Matt Paulson
    Surfacing Supervisor: Paolo de Guzman
    Final Layout Supervisor: Juan Gonzalez
    Crowds Supervisor: James Thornton
    Character Effects Supervisor: Oliver Finkelde
    Head of Effects: Lawrence Lee
    Co-Head of Effects: Scott Peterson
    Matte Painting Supervisor: Eric Bouffard
    Supervising Technical Director: Dan Golembeski
    Stereographer: Willem Drees

Animation / Video Overview: