“Hey” by Anova Music

  • ©Guy Ben Shetrit


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  • Anova Music


    “Hey” is the creation of a team headed by Guy Ben Shetrit, who is the composer of the music and writer, director, and lead animator on this music video.

    The video, like the music, is built on complex beats that evolve and break in a very organic, yet precise way. The video’s editing is also intended to complement the video’s style by cutting rapidly during fast action sequences, and then letting the eye rest just enough before the next outburst of chaotic events. The transitions between different locations and time periods are blended sometimes through a special cut and sometimes through motion. These help carry the viewer’s eye into a whole new scene, while still maintaining a sense of continuity of mood and consistency from the previous one.

    The story and art of this video bring together a fantasy world with realistic everyday motifs, some of which are quite unorthodox in today’s animation world. The heroine of the story (a little girl with a giant toad as her pet) and her best friend go through fast-paced adventures and conflicts. Once the action starts, the adrenaline is pumping, and soon enough the ride goes out of control.


    3ds Max, After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Guy Ben Shetrit

    Story: Guy Ben Shetrit

    Executive Producer: Guy Ben Shetrit

    Look & Feel, Shading, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, VFX: Aiko Studio

    Art Directors: Eithan Weinshtock Sherban

    Supervising Animator: Guy Ben Shetrit

    Animators: Talia Tsur, Tom Dor, Guy Ben Shetrit, Rongo Geva, Oren Ben Tov

    Modeling Supervision, Designs, Color, Art advisor: Sherban

    Layout Artists: Guy Ben Shetrit, Talia Tsur

    Modeling: Paul “Jones” Wolf, Sherban, Daniel Shneor, Rafi Ben Aharon, Guy Ben Shetrit

    Technical Direction & Rigging: Matan Halberstadt, David Gidli, Guy Ben Shetrit, Yuval Nathan

    Animatic: Guy Ben Shetrit, Sherban

    Pre Production: Orly Yaakobi, Eran Lazar

    Production company: Anova Music

    Music Composition: Eatliz

Animation / Video Overview: