“Hatching” by Liu and Lin

  • ©Chen-Hui Liu and Jung-Hsien Lin





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The White Rabbit Animation, Inc.


    A short film about how a loving mother-daughter relationship turns tense at a certain point. The see-through glass belly manifests the intimate, delicate bond between them.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Chao-hua Lee
    Producer & Supervisor: Chishan Liu
    Screenwriting: Annie Yang, Chao-hua Lee
    Creative Director: Chao-hua Lee
    Concept Art: Hsiao-Ron Cheng
    Storyboard: Hsin-Yu Kuan
    Lead Model, Texture and Shading: Kuang-Pin Lan
    Model, Texture and Shading: Wei-Lun Tsai, Mei-Kung Chen
    Lead Previs and Animation: Chih-Ming Chang
    Previs and Animation: Erik Lee, Akira Chang, Cheng-Wei Wu
    Rigging: Isaac Su
    Lead Effects: Chia-Chun Lin
    Effects: Chen-Yuan Hsu, Yi-Min Fan
    Lead Lighting: Chishan Liu
    Lighting: Chun-Lun Ma
    Additional Lighting: Mei-Kung Chen, Wei-Lun Tsai, Joe Chiang
    Compositing: Iden Yang
    Hair System Developer: Gene Lin
    Hair Simulation: Ryan Lu, Wink Fan, Mea Wu
    Production Coordinator: Tong-Yi Kuo
    Pipeline: Jin-Kuen Lin, Kai-Wei Tang, Qian-Hao Chai
    Sound: We Digital Media Co., Ltd
    Sound Supervisor: Webber Chen
    Sound Effects: Dante Huang
    Music: Szu-Yin Ho
    Mix: Sammi Lin
    Special Thanks: Jazz Kung, Annie Liu, Edward Lai, Faith Lu, Vicky Hu

Animation / Video Overview: