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    Happy Feet


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    From the inception of “Happy Feet,” Animal Logic was involved in every step of the creative pro-cess, working closely alongside director George Miller to bring the film to life. The Animal Logic team created the look for every key character and scene in the film, bringing them to life from design to modeling, rigging, mo-cap, 2D and 3D animation, surfacing, lensing, crowds, visual effects, and lighting.
    From recreating the visual spectacle of Antarctica to achieving the “art-directed reality” in which penguins are given individual looks and personalities, Animal Logic pushed the envelope of innovation and creativity to help create a technically and visually groundbreaking film.

    The film’s unique look, from fluffy penguin fur to snow kicks to underwater chases and ever-changing skies, was achieved through a unique mixture of techniques and a large combination of hardware and software.


    Proprietary software and Maya, XSI Softimage, Pixar’s PRMan, Massive, Digital Fusion, Syflex, and Nucoda.

Additional Contributors:

    The full list of the over 1,000 artists who contibuted to “Happy Feet”:
    movies.yahoo.com/ movie/1808655509/cast

    Director: George Miller

    Writers: George Miller, John Collee, Judy Morris, Warren Coleman

    Producers: George Miller, Doug Mitchell, Bill Miller

    Animal Logic Producer: Zareh Nalbandian

    Executive Producers: Graham Burke, Edward Jones, Dana Goldberg, Bruce Berman

    Co-Directors: Judy Morris, Warren Coleman

    Editors: Margaret Sixel, Christian Gazal

    Composer, Arranger, and Music Producer John Powell

    Choreography & Principal Performer: Kelley Abbey

    Dancing & Choreography of Mumble: Savion Glover

    Sound Designer & Supervisor: Wayne Pashley

    Animation Director: Daniel Jeannette

    Supervising Art Director: David Nelson

    Layout & Camera Director: David Peers

    Digital Supervisor: Brett Feeney

    Production Designer: Mark Sexton

    Art Director: Simon Whiteley

    Supervising Dialogue Editor: Sonal Joshi

    Digital Crowd Director: Greg Van Borssum

    Associate Digital Supervisor: Olivier Ozoux

    Lighting Supervisor: Ben Gunsberger

    Character Supervisor: Aidan Sarsfield

    Motion Capture Supervisors: Fraçois Laroche, Greg Allan

    Digital Production Manager: Amber Naismith

    Casting: Kristy Carlson

    Music Supervisor: Christine Woodruff

    Line Producer: Martin Wood

    First Assistant Director: PJ Voeten

    Financial Controller: Alistair Jenkins

    Associate Producers: Philip Hearnshaw, Hael Kobayashi, Michael Twigg, Matt Ferro

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