“Halls Penguins Airport” by Strand

  • ©Eric Strand  Pacific Data Images (PDI)


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Halls Penguins Airport


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pacific Data Images (PDI)


    Pacific Data Images created ice-skating digital penguins and provided seamless live-action integration for this commercial. As the live-action footage was shot at night, there were significant amounts of shadow casting and ambient lighting to match.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Martin Oppus
    Executive Producer: Denise Minter
    Producer: Martin Oppus
    Technical Director: Cassidy Curtis
    Asst. Technical Director: Kristi Higgins
    On-location TD: Noel McGinn
    On-location Producer: Les Hunter
    Lighting Director: Jeanie Cunningham
    Lighting Specialist: Jin Liou, Sherry Hsieh
    Character Motion: Fred Nilsson, Collin Hennen
    Asst. Producer: Jennifer Dahlman
    Rendering: Chanda Cummings
    Agency: J. Walter Thompson, NY
    Agency Producer: Gary Bass
    Creative Director: Frank Constantini
    Production Company: Morton Jankel Zander, Hollywood, CA
    Producer: Lisa Rich
    Live Action Director: Rocky Morton
    Post Production House: Razor Boy, Los Angeles, CA
    Editor: Louis Lyne

Animation / Video Overview: