“Guinness World” by The Mill

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    Guinness World



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  • The Mill


    The spot shows how a pint of Guinness comes to life when poured, opening with a man striking a match and lighting a rocket as a voiceover whispers, “It’s time to bring this place to life.” There begins an exhilarating journey, bringing life to barren landscapes across the planet.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: AMV BBDO
    Creative: Paul Brazier
    Producer: Yvonne Chalkley
    Production Company: Knucklehead
    DP: Joost Van Gelder, Wally Pfister
    Editing Company: The Quarry
    Editor: Ted Guard
    Post Production: The Mill
    Producers: Lucy Reid, Ben Stallard
    Colorists: Aubrey Woodiwiss, Adam Scott
    Shoot Supervisors: Russell Tickner, Michael Gibson
    Lead 2D: Rich Roberts
    Lead Flame: Rich Roberts Barnsley, Pete Rypstra
    Flame Assist: Gareth Brannan
    Lead 3D: Russell Tickner, Jordi Bares
    3D: Teemu Eramaa, James Spillman, Andy Nicholas, Rick Thiele, Adrien St. Girons, Laurent Makowski, Ed Shires, Tom Blake, Andy Guest, Aidan Gibbons, Sergio Xisto, Suraj Odedra, Jules Janaud, Francois Roisin
    Matte Painting: Can Y. Sanalan, Dave Gibbons, Lee Matthews

Animation / Video Overview: