“Guardians of the Galaxy” by Gunn

  • ©James Gunn

  • ©James Gunn



    Guardians of the Galaxy


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Marvel Studios
  • Walt Disney Pictures


    Framestore created one of the heroes, Rocket Raccoon, and animated both him and Groot in the middle act of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” spanning more than 40 minutes and 633 final shots. Framestore also created the cavernous expanse of Knowhere, a giant mined-out skull that is home to a whole city.

    Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” sets a band of intergalactic misfits against villains aiming to rule the cosmos. Over the course of five months, Method Studios artists produced over 170 shots. A wide range of VFX were required, including digital environments, holographic effects, and FX simulations.

Additional Contributors:

    VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Fawkner, Kyle McCulloch
    CG Supervisor: Mark Wilson
    VFX Supervisor: Stéphane Ceretti
    VFX Company: Method Studios
    VFX Supervisors(Method Studios): Greg Steele, Stéphane Nazé
    VFX Producers (Method Studios): Karey Maltzahn, Aurelia Abate

Animation / Video Overview: