“Greenpeace NewBees” by Polynoid

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    Greenpeace NewBees

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Polynoid


    Teaming up with Greenpeace to help raise awareness of the growing disappearance of honey bees, WOODBLOCK produced and animated this short film with support by Soilfilms.

Additional Contributors:

    Client: Greenpeace
    Creative: Alexander Kalchev
    Director: Polynoid
    Production Company & Animation Studio: WOODBLOCK
    Artists: Jan Bitzer, Tom Weber, Ilija Brunck, Marco Kowalik, Fabian Pross, Csaba Letay, Michael Heberlein, William Tirloy, Max Stoehr, Sarah Eim, Markus Eschrich
    Service Production: Soilfilms
    Director of Photography: Tanja Häring
    Actors: Yoko Nova Schimschar, Luca Brunck Florez
    Music: World Gang

Animation / Video Overview: