“Goldies” by Rhythm & Hues Studios

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  • Rhythm & Hues Studios


    This commercial features two goldfish tortured by the platter of cheese outside their bowl. Just as they leap to land on it, the platter is moved. Technique: CG and Inferno work as well as live action.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Diane Fazio

    CGI Director: Kerry Colonna

    Live Action Director: David Kellogg

    Head of Production, Commercial Digital: Ken Roupenian

    CGI/Inferno Producers: Diane Fazio, Karey Maltzahn

    CGI/Assistant Inferno Producer: Jenny Groener

    Inferno FX Supervisor: Theresa Ellis

    Inferno Artist: Betsy Paterson

    Flint Artist: Tristan Tang

    Inferno I/O and Avid Editing: Tony Barraza

    Animation Set-up: Hans Rijpkema

    Technical Support: Eric Tsai

    Choreographer/Animator: Lyndon Barrois

    Animator: Glenn Ramos

    Head Technical Director: Robert Lurye

    Technical Directors: Sandra Voekler, Todd Harvey, Young Joo Paik, Jae Wook Chang, Chris Sjoholm, Theodore Bialek

    Technical Consultants: Steve Sullivan, Jerome Solomon

    Modelling Manager: Keith Hunter

    Modellers: Chien-Hsiung Wang, Nancy Klimley, Bradley Sick

    Animation Manager: Kristina Reed

    Director of Digital Production: David Weinberg

Animation / Video Overview: