“Go To Sleep” by Rutterford

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    Go To Sleep




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  • The Mill


    “Go to Sleep” is a fully animated music video for Radiohead. The video features a low-poly version of lead singer Thom Yorke sitting on a park bench delivering the vocal of the track. He is surrounded by drone-like people walking around a city oblivous to the fact that its classical architecture is crumbling to the ground and then re-building inself in to a monolithic flat-faced future. To complete the challenging promo, Softimage XSI was used for all the modelling, shading, light- ing, and rendering. Maya was used for the dynamics of crumbling buildings, and Massive was used for the street crowds. For Yorke’s performance, facial capture emphasised the realism of the character despite the faceted look. An in-house script was created over several weeks for the de-res effect on Yorke’s face. Our focus was to bring out Yorke’s personality from his grey environment, and his meticu- lously tweaked motion-capture performance truly shines.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: John Payne
    Contributors: Ben Smith, Jordi Bares, Robert Kolbeins, Rob van den Bragt, Russell Tickner, Rob Petrie, Dave Levy, Jan Walters, Satoko Iinuma, Andrew Proctor, Hitesh Patel, Ivor Griffin, Tom Bussell, Ludovic Walsh, Paul Taylor

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