“Ghost Recon Wildlands” by Bérelle

  • ©Léon Bérelle



    Ghost Recon Wildlands



    “Follow the White Hat” is the trailer for Tom Clancy’s new game, Ghost Recon Wildlands.
    The objectives for the agency and the 3D studio were to translate the new license’s ambitions: the massive, living, and responsive Open World’s wide area (the largest Open World’s action adventure ever created by the studio for four players, co-op or solo) and the players’ freedom of choice to influence and manipulate the world. The trailer, mixing CGI and gameplay scenes, communicates players’ freedom through three different options for the same mission (Long Range, Stealth, and Ambush). It also operates the amazing game environments, accompanied by “Friction,” a song by Imagine Dragons.

Additional Contributors:

    Client and Producer of the Scenes: Ubisoft Entertainment
    Creative Manager & Direction: Jean Marc Geoffroy
    Creative Director & Music: Eric Couzian
    Senior Producer & Conception: Nouredine Abboud
    Global Brand Director & Conception: Romain Foucher de Brandois
    Art Director: Vincent Delassus
    Gameplay Film Directors: Emmanuel Gorinstein, Olivier Fleurette
    Video Editor: Damien Poncelin
    Narrative Designer & Voices: Sam Strachman

Animation / Video Overview: