“(Generik) L’Oeil du Cyclone” by Coignoux

  • ©Eric Coignoux  Agave-Canal+



    (Generik) L’Oeil du Cyclone


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Agave-Canal+


    Funny and rhythmical, the generik of L’Oeil du Cyclone presents to you its boosted humanoid creatures which make you travel across fantastic universes.

    Uncover your new friends of L’Oeil du Cyclone

    EMITTEYE: Sattelite-spinningtop straight out of a mad professor’s lab

    COSMONEYE: Inflatable man magnetized with pilot eyes

    CANONEYE: The most playful of the band members with his toy cannon arms

    TELEYE: You’re watching him while he’s watching you

    THE UNNAMED DANCER: Give her a name.

    TELEVISEYES: He’s become big- headed with a TV-shaped head

    OCTOPUSEYE: His multi-ball eyes don’t miss anything

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: CANAL+
    Contributors: Mikros Image
    Music: Lefdup & Lefdup, Jose Barinaga

Animation / Video Overview: