“Gasping for Air” by Bishko

  • ©Leslie Bishko  Simon Fraser University


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Gasping for Air


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Simon Fraser University


    In a late summer landscape where trees and grass grow amidst industrial decay, a rusted automobile muffler flounders in a stream, struggling for breath while a stainless steel kitchen pot flies playfully through the air. This piece is an expression of the desire for harmony within oneself and one’s environment, andthe play of tensions between the body and mind.


    HARDWARE: SPARC IPX, Crimson, Indigo, Personal Iris,
    Abekas, Macintosh, Amiga


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling, animation, rendering, image
    processing and special purpose: The Advanced
    Computing Center for the Arts and Design,
    The Ohio State University
    Softvisions; Photoshop; Deluxe Paint III

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Leslie Bishko
    Animation: Leslie Bishko
    Sound: Leslie Bishko, Chris Van Dromme
    Modeling: Steve Spencer
    Animation: John Donkin, Steve Spencer
    Image Processing: Jeff Light, Pete Carswell
    Rendering: Scott Dyer
    Special Purpose Software: Leslie Bishko,
    Matthew Lewis, Dave Fracchia, Steve May, John Chadwick
    Produced at: The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, The Ohio State University, and Computer Graphics Research Lab, Centre for Systems Science, Simon Fraser University

Animation / Video Overview: