“Fruit Tracing” by California Institute of Technology (CalTech)

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    Fruit Tracing

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  • California Institute of Technology (CalTech)


    A new interval-based collision detec- tion algorithm finds multiple contact points between surfaces. Described in the SIGGRAPH 93 Conference Proceedings, the algorithm applies to both volume and surface data. By spraying fruits from a cannon at a mystery dataset (“fruit tracing”), we show many colliding surfaces to demonstrate the technique’s practicality.


    HARDWARE: HP 9000/700, IBM RS6000, DEC 3000 Model
    500S AXP Server, Apple Macintosh


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Custom modeling and rendering software

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Caltech Graphics Group
    Contributors: John Snyder, Al Barr, Bena Currin, Preston Pfarner, Adam Woodbury. David Laidlaw, Matthew Avalos, Cindy Ball, Kurt Fleischer, Bruce Bell, Jeff Goldsmith, Allen Corcorran, Mark Montague, Dan Fain, Sandra Reyna, Don Marks, Pete Wenzel, Erik Winfree (Caltech), Jose Jiminez (Huntington MRI Center)
    Sponsors: NSF/DARPA STC for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization (NSF ASC-89-20219)
    Additional support was provided by: Apple, DEC, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM
    Copyright: 1993 Caltech Computer Graphics Group

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