“Food for Thought” by Ringling School of Art and Design

  • ©Ian Yonika  Ringling School of Art and Design


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    Food for Thought




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  • Ringling School of Art and Design


    While out for a stroll, slow-witted Mugtor and his more intelligent acquaintance Nishu become extremely hungry. They find some fruit up in a tree, but it is just too high up for either of them to get at it alone. After some slight communication problems, the two realize they must work together in order to satisfy their craving. The burly Mugtor uses his brawny strength to hurl Nishu into the fruit-laden treetop, but right away the greedy Nishu takes advantage of his unsuspecting and dim-witted partner. First Nishu eats fruit after delicious fruit simply to cure his hunger, but soon he begins to enjoy his new position of power. He taunts the hapless Mugtor, who can only watch helplessly from below, craving the fruit more and more with every passing moment. How long can the imbalance continue before things are set right? Can Mugtor overcome his slow, oafish nature and figure out a way to get the fruit? Perhaps he could even teach Nishu a thing or two!


    HP workstations


    Maya 6, Photoshop CS, Premiere

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Ian Yonika

    Producer: Ringling School of Art and Design

    CONTRIBUTORS: Ben Garceau

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