“Flying Logos, Inc.” by Conn

  • ©Peter Conn  Homer & Associates


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    Flying Logos, Inc.


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  • Homer & Associates


    Chrome? Wood and chrome? Chrome and marble? Marble and glass? Is this a high class hardware store or is this a telephone pitch by the loquacious and simplistic salesman for the quiet imaginary firm of Flying Logos, Inc.? In a world where aspirations are high but creative frustration is rampant, it is not surprising to realize that the bread ‘n butter of small computer graphics companies has something to do with how many interesting ways you can bring on and off somebody’s name. And this is not to say that the designers and animators don’t take their task quite seriously… Now could I interest you in a plastic look? All animations were created and rendered on a PC/AT with a Definicon Accelerator Board and Targa frame buffer using Digital Arts DGS 1.0 and 2.0 software. Animations were designed and directed by President/Director Peter Conn and Creative/Technical Director Michael Kory.The Flying Logo sequence was created by Jim Hillin

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