“Flying Fish Tobby Who Aimed for the Stars” by Yamaguchi and Billion

  • ©Keiko Yamaguchi and Phillippe Billion


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Flying Fish Tobby Who Aimed for the Stars


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • ExMachina


    Tobby is a young and mischievous fish. His mother used to tell him that “up there in the sky there are a lot of friends, and when the sky scintillates it’s because they are jumping and diving in the sea of stars.” Tobby’s deepest wish is to fly to the sea of stars. Thanks to his courage and willpower, his dream comes true.

Additional Contributors:

    Production: Dentsu, Tokyo
    Executive Producer: Masao Shimizu
    Producer: Shinobu Nakanishi
    Show Production: Dentsu Tec, Tokyo Executive Producer: Tetsuo Irisawa Producer: Ken Kobayashi
    Film Production: ExMachina Paris, Tokyo Art Direction: Yerant
    Music Composer: Franck Schmidt