“Flubber” by Alexy

  • ©Philip Edward Alexy





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    “Flubber” was an entirely new kind of challenge for ILM. The oozing, gelantinous quality of the title character dictated that he be animated using Metaclay. To our knowledge, this is the first time Metaclay has been used to achieve major-character acting in a feature film.

Additional Contributors:

    Flubber Character Animation & Visual Effects Supervisor: Tom Bertino
    Visual Effects Producer: Roni McKinley Visual Effects Co-Supervisor: Sandra Ford Karpman
    Computer Graphics Supervisor: Steve Braggs Lead Technical Animator: Philip Edward Alexy Visual Effects Art Director: Scott Leberecht Digital Artists: Felix Balbas, Jeffrey Bennedict, Barbara Brennan, Marc Cooper, Natasha Devaud, Raul Essig, Howard Gersh, John Helms, Peg Hunter, Hayden Landis, Tia Marshall, Hiromi Ono, Ricardo, Ramos, Linda Siegel, Dan Shumaker, Doug Sutton, Chris Townsend
    Digital Effects Animators: Chris Armstrong, David Byers Brown, Andy Doucette, Tony Hudson, Paul Kavanagh, David Latour, Steve Lee, Neil Michka, Magali Rigaudias, Glenn Sylvester, Kim Thompson, Tim Waddy, Andy Wong
    Visual Effects Coodinator: Luke O’Byme Digital Camera Movement Supervisor:
    Keith Johnson
    Digital Camera Matchovers: Jodie Baird,
    Randy Jonsson, Marla Selhom, John Whisnant Digital Rotoscope Artists: Katherine C. Baird,
    Patrick Jarvis, Heidi Zabit
    Visual Effects Editor: Mike McGovern
    Avid Editor: Heidi Schmidt
    Digital Color Timing Supervisor: Bruce Vecchitto Film Scanning Supervisor: Josh Pines
    Motion Control Camera: Ray Gilberi
    Motion Control Assistant: Caarl Miller
    Set Construction: Randy Ottenburg
    Model Supervisor: Mark Anderson
    Stage Technicians: Dave Murphy, Berny Demolski Visual Effects Production Assistants:
    Julie Creighton, Amanda K. Montgomery Computer Graphics Resource Coordinator:
    Dani Morrow
    Technical Assistants: Carole Johnson,
    NIc Anastassiou, Matthew T. Bouchard, Jean Paul Beaulieu
    Digital Plate Restoration: Nancy Jencks, Melissa Monterossa
    Software Development: Florian Kainz, Zoran Kacic-Alesic, Stewart Bimam, Jai Natarajan, John Schlag
    Computer Systems Engineer: Arnold Lee Scanner Operator: George Gambetta Negative Cutter: Doug Jones Projectionist: Tim Greenwood
    Optical line-up: Andrea Biklian Computer Graphics Support Staff:
    Ken Maruyama, Suzy Vissotzky Tooley
    ILM Senior Staff: Gail Currey, Chrissie England,
    Jeff Mann, Jim Morris

Animation / Video Overview: