“First Contact” by Cunningham

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    First Contact


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    “First Contact” is a sci-fi comedy that shows why there are so few visits from aliens these days. Two aliens interrogate a sub-contractor sent to Earth to handle “first contact,” but things didn’t quite go according to plan. A hilarious discussion on the use of probes ensues.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: James Cunningham, Leon Woud, Oliver Hilbert
    Executive Producer: David McCurdy
    Writer: Nick Ward
    Cinematographer: Simon Riera
    Editor: James Cunningham

    Lead Actor: Paul Glover
    Actors: Andrew Beattie, Simon McKinney
    Digital Effects and Animation: Anthony Carter, Ejiwa Ebenebe, Jason Wong, Jonathan Sothern, Joon-Seok Yoon, Richard Chang, Ryan Ware, Tiana McKenzie, Yu Su, Oana Croitoru, Mahesh Kumar, Kit Hayes, Gi Baek Baek, Fan Zhang
    Sound Editor: Victoria Parsons
    Original Music/Composer: Stephen Gallagher
    Sound Mix: Dave Whitehead

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