“Fifth Element: Leeloo’s Reconstruction & Times Square Montage” by Digital Domain, Inc.

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    Fifth Element: Leeloo’s Reconstruction & Times Square Montage

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    Director Luc Besson’s fantastical New York City of the 23rd century is realized through a combination of richly-layered CG effects and practical photography, at times incorporating over 80 combined elements. The character Leeloo’s reconstruction was animated completely via CG, employing data from Alexander Tsiara’s Body Voyage project.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Digital Domain
    Special Visual Effects Supervisor: Mark Stetson
    Production Designer: Dan Weil
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Karen E. Goulekas
    VFX Producer: Daniel J. Lombardo
    Supervising Director of Photography: Bill Neil
    Lead Digital Compositing Supervisor: Jonathan Egstad
    Digital Compositing Supervisor: Bryan Grill
    VFX Editor: Debra Wolff
    Art Directors: Ron Gress, Ira Gilford
    Digital FX Producer: Tamara L. Watts
    Miniature Effects Supervisor: Niels Nielsen
    Unit Production Manager: Crys Forsyth-Smith
    Digital Supervisors:
    Motion Control Supervisor: Jeff Baksinski
    Tracking Supervisor: Maurice Bastian
    Matte Painting Supervisor: Rachel Kelley
    Animation Supervisor: Daniel Robichaud
    Shader Supervisor: Simon O’Connor
    Sequence Supervisors: Remo Balcells, Sean C. Cunningham, Sean Dever, Joshua I. Kolden, Christine Lo, Franklin Londin, Rodney J. McFall, Christopher Roda, Scott Stokdyk
    Digital Artists: Eric Barba, Miles Bellas, Dennis M. Blakey, David Bleich, John Michael Courte, Charles Darby, Lori L. Dreischmeier, Rick Dunn, Michael Edland, Michael Fadollone, John Ford, Jr., Brendan Gallagher, Wayne John Haag, Eric Hanson, Thomas Roland Johnson, Paul Kirwan, Carlin Kmetz, Hae-jeon Lee, Daniel Lemmon, Tom Lynnes, Anthony Mabin, Joe Mandia, Gray Marshall, Charles Meredith, Jeff Olm, Rocco Passionino, Darren Michael Poe, David Prescott, Renee Rabache, Scott Rader, Jay Randall, John E. Sasaki, Laura Scholl, Hudson Shock, Liza Sorotzkin, Greg Teegarden, Alfred Urrutia, Paul Van Camp, Christopher Walsh, Vernon R. Wilbert Jr., Tonia Young – Bilderbeck
    Production Software Support: James DiNunzio
    Visual Effects Production:
    VFX Prod. Coordinator/1st AD: Kelly L’Estrange
    VFX Prod. Coordinator: Jonathan F. Styrlund
    VFX Coordinator: Tracy Takahashi
    CG Coordinator: Alissa Randall
    CG Coordinator: Allyse Manoff
    CG Coordinator: Mikella Kievman
    Disk/Image Coordinator: Chris Bayz
    Production Office Assistant: Rebecca Brown
    Scan/Record Supervisor: Joseph Goldstone
    Color Grader: Margo Bowie
    SIGGRAPH Submission Production: Allen Cappuccilli, Rob Doolittle, Kevin Susman

Animation / Video Overview: