“FACADE: Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs (The Campanile Movie)” by Debevec

  • ©Paul E. Debevec  University of California, Berkeley


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    FACADE: Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs (The Campanile Movie)


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • University of California, Berkeley


    The first part of this video describes UC Berkeley’s Facade photogrammetric modeling system, emphasizing developments made since it was presented in the SIGGRAPH 96 paper “Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs”. Facade allows a user to build photorealistic models of architectural scenes from a small number of still photographs. Recent developments allow for the recovery of arches and surfaces of revolution and can render the recovered models in real time on standard graphics hardware.

    The second part of the video is a creative piece entitled “The Campanile Model” which plays on the visual relationship between Berkeley’s bell tower, a model miniature of the tower, and a computer model of the tower and surrounding environment. The computer model was created with the Facade system from twenty photographs, including a few photographs taken above the tower from a kite. This model represents the first time a fully immersive and photorealistic model of a real place has been captured. Significantly, this technique allows the director to experiment with and control the path of the camera during post-production, to match virtual camera motion to real camera motion, and to produce camera motion that would be impossible to produce with conventional photographic techniques.

    In its principal shot, the film makes four transitions between reality and the virtual environment by matching the virtual camera motion to the real, handheld, camera motion recovered using the Facade system. A custom keyframe animation technique was developed to smoothly bridge the segments of recovered camera motion with arbitrary virtual flight paths.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer/Director: Paul Debevec
    Modeling: George Borshukov, Jason Luros, Vivian Jiang, Paul Debevec
    Visibility and Rendering Algorithms: George Borshukov, Yizhou Yu, Paul Debevec
    Matchmove Artists: Jason Luros, Paul Debevec
    Flightpath Algorithms: Sami Khoury, Paul Debevec
    Flightpath Animation: Chris Wright, Paul Debevec
    Camera Work: Chris Wright
    Kite Aerial Photography: Charles Benton, Paul Debevec
    Campanile Carillonist: Jeff Davis
    Model Makers: Dorrice Pyle, Russell Bayba
    Video Editing: Chris Wright, Charles Ying
    Reconstruction Software and Algorithms: Paul Debevec, Camillo Taylor, George Borshukov, Jitendra Malik
    Special Thanks to: Charlie and Thomas Benton, Peter Bosselman, Linda Branagan, John Canny, Magdalene Crowley, Brett Evans, Eva Marie Finney, Tim Hawkins, Carl Korobkin, Lindsay Krisel, Michael Naimark, Eric Paulos, Ellen Perry, Susan Marquez, Al Vera

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