“Expo ’85 Composite Reel” by Dentsu Inc.

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    Expo '85 Composite Reel

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Dentsu Inc.


    This reel consists of excerpts of work produced for Expo ’85.

Additional Contributors:

    “We Are Born of Stars” from the Fujitsu Pavilion by Fujitsu Ltd., Dentsu Inc., I max Systems Corp., and Toyo Links Corp. “Way to Virgin Space” from the Tsukuba Expo Center by NHK Service Center and JCGL. “Goku’s Brain House” from the Kodansha Brain House by JCGL. “A Trip to the Planet Bio” from the Midori Pavilion by JCGL. Mitsubishi Pavilion by the Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc. IBM Japan Pavilion by Shirogumi Co., Ltd.

Animation / Video Overview: