“EVOBEAT” by Japan Electronics College

  • ©Shun Hachiya  Japan Electronics College


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Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Japan Electronics College


    This visual-music piece shows images of evolution with rhythms and sounds. In the beginning, we had an idea to inject sounds. From there, we developed the settings for the evolution process, in which the sounds are injected into the characters (protozoa), and the characters change form.

    The characters make sounds every time they act, and when they change form they make different sounds. The sound injections represent the mutation of DNA, which is the key event in evolution, and the sounds symbolize the characters of the creatures.

    Pondering the final stage of evolution raises an important question: Why did life begin and where is it progressing to? But there is no scientific theory or philoosphy that answers that question. The beginning and the end of the universe are not yet known and understood. To suggest this, we begin and end the film with the void of space.


    Autodesk Maya 2008, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Shun Hachiya

    Producer: Norio Nagai

    Animators: Dai Hara, Shin Suzuki, Shun Hachiya

    Music Director: Dai Hara

    Production: Japan Electronics College

Animation / Video Overview: