“Event Horizon” by Cinesite

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    Event Horizon


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Cinesite


    Integrating models shot with motion control cameras, digital models built in Alias PowerAnimator, proprietary vol-ume rendering software (for clouds, mist and fog), high resolution scans straight from NASA, animated digital matte paintings, and advanced com-positing techniques, these sequences for “Event Horizon” show how we can use technology to create worlds we can only imagine.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Paul Anderson

    Producer: Cinesite Digital Studios

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Richard Yuricich

    Digital Effects Producer: Alex Bicknell

    Model composites: Sue Rowe

    Model composites: Niki Wakefield

    Burning Man: Ed Hawkins

    Cooper’s Chunk: Tom Wood

    3D: Pat Conran, Chas Cash, Lubo Christov, Dave Child

Animation / Video Overview: